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Scale Guard

Working Principle of Scale Guard

The SCALE GUARD treatment involves two steps:

1. Adsorption

The special core fitted inside the SCALE GUARD adsorbs the H+ ions present in the water. The adsorption of H+ ions from layers next to SCALE GUARD surface reduces the H+ ion Concentration in- the next layer.

The sudden increase in pH causes the precipitation of CaCO3 and MgCO3 salts. Once the precipitation takes place, the core bringing the pH normal will release the H+ ions.

2. Turbulence

In order to achieve turbulence, bars are designed in the core. This initiates the breaking of precipitate into colloidal particles of 0.01µ to 0.05µ sizes. These particles formed on the surface acts as a nucleus.

On reaching the heat transfer area, further precipitation of Ca and Mg salts,if any, takes place on these nuclei.

Due to adsorption and the negative charge of the particle, they repel each other to keep the solution homogeneous. The solution has a high stability and will break only when impurities such as sugar or oil are introduced. The colloidal particles keep on recirculating till they become big enough and settle down in the cooling tower basin .

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