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SCALE GUARD possesses many advantages over conventional water treatment systems, some of which include:

As SCALE GUARD has no moving parts, it requires no replacement of spares or extra maintenance other than normal plant maintenance

Extra Space for the unit is not required as the equipment is installed on – line of the cooling circuit

As the equipment is installed on – line of the cooling circuit

SCALE GUARD has no recurring costs associated with chemical dosing or water softening, as no chemicals, regenerative salts or resins are used

Unlike conventional water treatment SCALE GUARD doesn’t require any power or electrical inputs

Scale reduces heat transfer efficiency resulting in increased energy consumption, which can rise by almost 50%. As SCALE GUARD is constantly preventing the deposition of Scale, thereby saving valuable energy cost

Water softeners necessitate the use of corrosion inhibitors, as the water tends to be corrosive. SCALE GUARD on the other hand has this unique advantage of preventing scale without increasing the risk of corrosion

Chemical dosing and water softening system require the use of chemicals, which are hazardous and cause pollution. Disposal of such hazardous chemicals in the environment is also a difficult task faced by customers

The pricing of SCALE GUARD ensures that the user of the systems derives a payback period of three months to one year. This is made possible by savings in operating cost as compared to the fixed investment required.

The energy savings, the reliability of your equipment, the durability of SCALE GUARD… add it all, it’s a sound investment.

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