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Comparison between Scale Guard and Water Softener

1. Composition of Water It reduces the pH of water thereby making it more corrosive in nature. The water remains neutral only the physical properties changes.
2. Recurring Cost Heavy monthly expenses in procurement, inventory, storage, handling and supervision of chemicals and salts to be dozed. No Recurring Cost
3. Prevention of Scale Water softener is designed for a particular hardness level (max 600 ppm) Prevents scale formation and removes existing scales from pipelines and condenser tubes. It has treated water hardness upto 2000 ppm.
4. Maintenance Special manpower required for regeneration of resins and operation. No man power required as SG is an online equipment.
5. Man Power Requires extra manpower for monitoring and dosing of chemicals. No man power required as SG is an online equipment
6. Energy Consumption Needs electrical energy for operation. No energy required for operation thus saves the electricity bill.
7. Pollution Disposal of untreated Brine water is a major problem. No pollution
8. Inventory Space for softener is required No space is required as it is installed online. In the pipe line after the pump and before condenser
9. Pay back Adds on recurring cost per year. Depending on water hardness payback period can be from 3 months to 1 year

Why do I need a Scale Guard as I have already installed a water softener

  • For raw water generally softening plant is used to reduce the hardness, but this hardness increases in the re-circulating water due to evaporation and heat exchange that takes place in the circuit of the cooling tower
  • It is essential to treat re-circulating water as this is the water which goes to the chillers/condensers
  • The condenser is the heart of a chiller’s mechanical system so you need to protect them at any cost.

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