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Scale Guard

Installation Instruction

1. SCALE GUARD should be located in the position selected and agreed with our Technical Representative-AFTER THE PUMP AND BEFORE THE EQUIPMENT.

2. SCALE GUARD must be installed by using pipe unions or flanges.

3. The flow rate required for SCALE GUARD of stated diameter are minimum flow rates to ensure proper functioning consistent with minimum head losses. It is essential that this flow rate or greater be maintained.It is advisable to check the flow after installation to ensure that:

(a) Sufficient water is being passed to fulfill process conditions.

(b) Flow requirement to enable SCALE GUARD to function efficiently are being achieved.

4. System which is already heavily scaled and on which SCALE GUARD descaling is taking place,should have all filters or areas of low flow checked to avoid the possibility of blockage with pieces of scale or sludge.

5. All chemical treatment must be discontinued, except the use of chlorine or chlorine dioxide as sterilent or for the prevention of algal growth. It is advisable, to flush the system with fresh water before installing the SCALE GUARD ,in case if chemicals were being used.

6. On recirculating systems such as cooling towers, evaporative condenser or air conditioning plants,the level of concentration must not exceed 3000 ppm CaCo3.To maintain this level the amount of make up water and bleed must be adjusted accordingly.

7. It essential that all queries should be cleared directly with the COMPANY’S TECHNICALREPRESENTATIVE BEFORE INSTALLATION.Problems arising after installation should be discussed with the Technical Representative before any remedial action is taken.

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