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Scale Guard

Scale Guard- On Line Scale Prevention System

Water Cooled equipments are required to operate at design efficiency; careful attention must be paid to the conditioning of both the raw and re-circulated water.

The polluting techno sphere doses more and more salts into our water system, the hardness of water keeps increasing. The bicarbonates of Calcium (Ca) and Magnesium (Mg) salts add to the temporary hardness of water and it is this parameter of water which requires Scale Guard. Due to various factors like change in temperature, pH etc., the carbonates of Ca and Mg salts gets precipitated and is deposited as scales in the condenser, boilers etc.

Scale and fouling deposits causes poor heat transfer through the exchanger tubes, reducing efficiency and increasing energy cost. Once a thin film of scale forms, rate of scaling increases rapidly. Thus to prevent formation of scale, “Scale Guard” is used

Aqua Treat brings you the state of art technology, “Scale Guard” in solving the problem of scale formation in the cooling system. It is an on line equipment, in the shape of a pipe, made of seamless stainless steel, with a special core made of alloy fitted inside, exclusively designed to meet your requirement and can be fitted on the tapping or the main header of the water feed line without any special equipment. Size required can be determined by the reference to the chart of minimum flow rate.

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