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Comparison between Chemical Dosing and Scale Guard

1. Composition of Water As the descaling is done by acids, they attack copper tubes of the heat exchanger and sometimes puncture them. No corrosion risk.
2. Recurring Cost A recurring expenditure of descaling chemicals. No Recurring Cost
3. Prevention of Scale One time process. Scale formation continues. It does not prevents, it’s a cure. Prevents scale formation and removes existing scales from pipelines and condenser tubes
4. Maintenance Requires daily maintenance and check of water quality No maintenance required except normal plant maintenance.
5. Man Power Requires extra manpower for monitoring and dosing of chemicals. No man power required as SG is an online equipment
6. Energy Consumption Energy required for running chemicals in condenser tubes No energy required for operation thus saves the electricity bill.
7. Life of equipment As the copper tubes are attacked frequently,it reduces the life of equipment As tubes are maintained scale free and no descaling is done it increases expected life.
8. Inventory Extra space for storing chemicals No space is require as it is installed on line.
9. Risk Factor High risk of burn injury and accidents due to negligence as chemicals are hazardous in Nature No Risk
10. Pay back Nil. Adds on recurring cost per financial year. Low payback period

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